Should You Install A Central Vacuum?

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You are about to build a new home and then someone suggests that you have a ducted heating installation system. Uncertain of what that is you ask your friend for more information and why you should.

Well a central vacuum system is a semi-permanent fixture in your home. The vacuum itself is placed normally in your garage, basement or storage room along with the container for collecting the dust. In your walls are ducts or tubing that is hooked to the power unit and carries the dust to the collection container. In every room in your house will be a port to connect a hose so that you can clean each room. Visit this page if you are looking for the best duct repair services. 


Using ducted vacuum cleaners has a health benefit because theirexhaust is normally directed completely out of the house and so no air is re circulated in the homes as with normal portable vacuums. 

Such vacuums also have increased suction power because of the size of the unit. Since there is no need to worry about weight and size since it is not portable manufacturers are able to ramp up the power in these units.

Since the main unit is normally in a remote location in the system has a low acoustic noise. Anyone who has ever vacuumed before know how noisy portable vacuums are, so that is definitely a benefit. Great news for the ears of those who have to deal with the vacuuming.

This kind of vacuum can remove the more difficult debris, especially the filter less models. It is able to remove plaster dust, spilled flour and heavier debris that the portable ones would find difficult.

You would not have to worry of having to empty the vacuum after each use. In fact, it would very infrequently, just a few times a year. This of course is because there would be a much larger storage container for dust.

With an outlet in every room a central vacuum is more convenient for cleaning. Since you only have to manoeuvre a horse around furniture and not have to worry about hauling the vacuum with you it is possible to get into all the corners of the room.

This system is extremely durable and last indefinitely. Also if the system is filteless the ongoing cost of using it is low.


There is no getting around the main disadvantage of this system. It is its initial cost. This kind of vacuum significantly outmatch its portable counterpart. One must remember though this must be weighed against the cost of running the vacuum.

So now that you have heard what a ducted or central vacuum is are you tempted to incorporate it in your home?